She’s got the looks!

For a Rock night out, wearing leather is an easy winner.

Besides being warm, waterproof and timeless, I always find it surprising how well a short leather jacket works with most pieces I through it on. It is a must-have for any wardrobe and a signature feature of the rock style.

Flat boots to always fall back on my feet and keep my toes warm, then a touch of exotic colours and softness with a silk headband to lift up the whole.

For the rest, black leggings and black top, two versatile basics that always do the trick.

The Rocker’s Wardrobe:

Headband – $10 – MŸ LOŪ

Leather jacket – $69 – H&M

BlBlacktop $20 – H&M

Black leggings – $10 – H&M

Boots – $49 – H&M