A Red Poppy Summer

A wardrobe can be sometimes overwhelming.

What Mr.and Mrs. practical-wardrobe might not know, is that facing a fashion wardrobe with a stylist’s eye is like a day at the old market of Marrakech, infinite options are possible and all styles equally shine.

On an inspired day, choice paralysis is just a step away.

To not end up staring at my wardrobe for hours, or wearing my husband t-shirts, I made a few simple question steps to guide myself when dressing up.

First, what’s the weather going to be like? Then, what am I feeling for, relaxed or sophisticated? Finally, where am I going and what type of walking will be involved?

On a warm summer day like today, I like to keep it simple and light without compromising on style. It is that time of the year I trust myself better wearing brighter colours, as I know colours love a sunny skin tan.

When going for a brunch at the beach, I like making an effort, but be comfortable and skip the heels.

I always start by picking one garment that stands out for me, then build my outfit around it. A simple mono-colour top is a safe way to set the tone and have something to go from.

The Red Poppy’s Wardrobe:

Top – $20 – H&M

Necklace – $30 – INDISKA

Skirt – $5 – COTTON :ON

Hat – $25 – Unknown Little Beach Shop